Go where you’re treated the best

People move around since ancient times. The Vikings moved south to be kings of France and England, the Dutch tried to find a better way to do commerce in the East Indies, the English went to America to avoid religious persecution, and the list can go on and on.

Josephine Baker

Josephine Baker in the 1940s. Credits: Wikipedia.

I would like to tell about the story of Josephine Baker. She was a famous Franco-American dancer in Paris in the 1920s. There’s even a place called “place Josephine Baker” in Paris and a swimming pool called “piscine Josephine Baker” in memory of her life.

A street sign in Paris commemorating her life. Credits: Soul of America.

The reason she went to France in the first place was that the American society at the time didn’t let her thrive. She didn’t have her chance to become the person she wanted to be in America. France was pretty liberal at the time and so she went to France.

The Theater in Paris where she became famous. Credits: Wikipedia.

Moving to where you are treated the best

So today, people have different aspirations. Some have dreams to become a researcher, some have dreams to be an entrepreneur. Some have dreams to be an artist. If you are one of those people who feel like you are stuck in your life or career, maybe you should follow the example of Josephine Baker? Maybe you will thrive in another environment, in another city.

If you like innovation but the company you work in hates it, maybe you should leave and find another company. If the city you live in doesn’t share the values you thrive for, maybe you should make research and move to a place where you can find people with the same aspirations.

In many cities, there is Lombard street. This photo is showing one in Paris.

The Lombards were bankers. When the trading center shifted from northern Italy to western Europe, they started to move there. So in London, Paris, Amsterdam, New York there are Lombard streets. They go where there are opportunities, where the future shines for them. Can you imagine if they would have stayed in Italy? Maybe other people will fill their role or maybe Europe wouldn’t have the money it needed to finance the sea exploration which leads to the discovery of the new worlds.

So I hope that my story can inspire you about the necessity to take action and to move to a place where you can grow and be inspired. My dream is to go to San Francisco for the thriving tech boom there. Even with the remote working trend, I think that it is still a major innovative place in the world. I don’t want my kids to ask me a question when they will be big enough to understand “Why didn’t you go and take your chance while you can?”. Yeah, pretty tough right? Leaving your comfort zone and go to the wild.

San Francisco or my dream city. Credits: goldcar.




Hi! My name is Edwin, I am a physician, data analyst, and entrepreneur. I am passionate about preventive medicine, health food, sports, and traveling.

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Edwin Pitono

Edwin Pitono

Hi! My name is Edwin, I am a physician, data analyst, and entrepreneur. I am passionate about preventive medicine, health food, sports, and traveling.

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