Is complaining good for your health? Ask the French. Courtesy of Netflix.

It's already a reality, our phones, watches not only keep us updated with the latest news but also keep us healthy.

If you are turning around, maybe you’re not at the right place.

Josephine Baker

Josephine Baker in the 1940s. Credits: Wikipedia.

Your company has web developers and UX/UI designers. But do you need data analysts? In case you are wondering I’ll explain why you should get (quickly) data analysts.

In case you missed the 2000 dot com bubble, we probably are experiencing the same now.

credit : seeking alpha

Money printers go brrr but no sign of inflation?

credits: La Tribune

Prices climbing as the pandemic continues. Is this going to last forever? Is this time going to be different?


Everybody is buying a house. Should I get one too?

I want to have that feeling too! I want a house! Credit :

Edwin Pitono

Hi! My name is Edwin, I am a physician, data analyst, and entrepreneur. I am passionate about preventive medicine, health food, sports, and traveling.

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